I hab a cold….. all stuffy and stuff…

I’ll bet you caught that “typo” in the title… it’s my attempt at humor. I am in awe of stand-up comedians. I’ve just found a new one. She is Joanne Roberts. Funny and clean, so she probably doesn’t make the money the “raw” one make but she’s truly funny.


This one is very funny. She calls her husband “Left-Brain”. I am in awe of anyone who can not only get people to laugh, but who can get those people to pay to hear them knowing that they’re gonna laugh.
When my first book came out, everyone that wasn’t my mom, or Editor wanted a free copy of it. DOUBLE SIGH
I’m praying that the next one will generate more $$$$$.

Fingers crossed…. prayers going up….. laugh people Mrs. Joanne is truly funny!


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