So much has happened since my last post. My friend has fallen asleep in the LORD. She is Rejoicing in the Lord…. relaxing in paradise

The kids were sick, et cetera, et cetera, etc….

Anywho… all is well with my soul! The waves and the wind still know his name… hallelujah!

I have been comfort eating and sexing my hubby (which is comforting also). I love that my hubby has the ability to take me in my arms and just pray over me. Yes, the sex is great (awesome even). However, it is those times that he  washes me in the water of the word that solidifies our love.
It didn’t take him long to figure out why my libido was seemingly out of control. I LOVE THIS MAN!
He spoke peace over my heart and he held me as I cried it out. I so enjoy being in an adult relationship!

Too many times, I settled for “love” in ALL THE WRONG places. Loneliness will lead you to that mistake, as will boredom.

I wish I’d been strong enough to just love and like me enough, to just wait on the LORD. I have proven to be a poor judge of character when it comes to choosing a mate.

I’m writing this while watching an episode of “Married at First Sight“. It’s distracting. I’ve watched all 3 seasons and I’ve picked correctly each season. Let me go on record and say, “If David and Ashley stay together…. it’ll be a miracle!”

Okay, enough rambling. The serial starts in 24 hours! Stay tuned!





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