Hail and Farewell!

I truly don’t know how to feel.
It’s odd. The only thing I can compare it to is seeing my grandfather cry back when John F. Kennedy was killed. I remember that my entire street and then my church cried. I didn’t get it then, because I was young, but I did get that something was very wrong.

Now, the newest (hic) leader of the free world, is without moral fiber of any kind. Sure, you say, you don’t know the man, true, HOWEVER ~ actions scream far louder than words and his words are pretty bad. I’ve NEVER cared for the man. I didn’t watch any of his shows. He was and still is a joke to me.

And what the heck is “soft sensual”?!?!?! Why will the inauguration be “soft sensual” and why is the word “coronation” even in the same sentence? I want him to go hunting with Mr. Cheney. And No, I’m NOT going to watch it.

I get that my constitution has built in, um, checks and balances. I get that “We the people’ were screwed out of the popular vote, though, I didn’t vote for her either. I get that Politics is dirty. I get that.

So, what do I say to my children? I’ve taught them to live their lives the EXACT opposite of DJT.
I’d often point to Mr. Obama as an example.
Character is EVERYTHING. Sure, people said bad things about him ~ he’s a black man in the US of A. Sure he was disrespected ~ He’s a black man in the US of A. But as his beautiful wife has said, “When they go low, you go high.”FLOTUS has taught me to always be who I am, NO MATTER WHAT. Her mother should be very proud!

My grandson voiced his dislike for DJT, to which I replied, “You don’t even know the man to like or dislike him.” To which he replied, “I saw him make fun of that handicapped man and that says it all.” check and mate sigh

I cannot embrace the idea of supporting him as president. It feels like denying Christ and all he stands for in my life.

The coming four years will be kind of difficult in that I don’t watch anything he’s in, so I can no longer listen to the State of the Union addresses. Honestly, I wouldn’t even watch his impeachment, should that ever happen. He’s a non-factor.
I haven’t any comforting words…. “Danger, Will Robinson, DANGER!


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