Sexual Wam Pum

Well, today was our last “session”. Periodically I speak with young women who have questions about marriage.
She’s getting married in a few days and well, she still didn’t understand why I wasn’t as excited about it as she wants me to be about it.

Experience has taught me the signs of pending heartache. Am I saying that I’m an expert? Nope, just a veteran of heartache. So much so, that I can and am writing the book.

I’ve learned that most of them I speak to have confused the sexual function for intimacy and sadly, love. Most are sexually active, so they think there’s no going back from that because “heaven forbid! He will leave me because WE CAN’T HAVE SEX.

Deep sigh

I’ve been there. If he’s going to leave, he’s going to leave. End of quote. Sex won’t hold him, nor will your looks; though each is important, they are not a firm foundation for marriage.

Sexual mechanics are a function of the living, breathing being. It is common to those with six legs, 4 legs, 2 legs, no legs. Sex without commitment and intimacy is just Wam Pum… (Also called peag, seawan, sewan. cylindrical beads made from shells, pierced and strung, used by North American Indians as a medium of exchange, for ornaments, and for ceremonial and sometimes spiritual purposes, especially such beads when white but also including the more valuable black or dark purple varieties.)

The value placed on Wam Pum is in the eye and heart of the person giving/receiving/bartering with it.

Never sacrifice your heart, for Wam Pum. Orgasm isn’t love; it’s sexual function. Imagine where the relationship would be if you couldn’t have sex anymore….

Imagine they weren’t as handsome, or as funny, or as whatever attracted to you and attempt to love them anyway…. that’s commitment, that’s one of the building blocks of a firm foundation in marriage.



One thought on “Sexual Wam Pum

  1. I rarely come to LinkedIn. I read this commentary & I want to read more more more. Is this book complete yet? If so where can I purchase it?

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