…Learned To Be Content…

Philippians 4:Whatever you have learned and received and heard from me, and seen in me, put these things into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. 10 Now I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned,but you had no opportunity to show it. 11 I am not saying this out of need, for I have learned to be content regardless of my circumstances.

To be honest, my actions of late haven’t been very gracious. My personal Facebook page is littered with my anger and frustration.
It does not escape me that verse 9 tells you to practice what you’ve learned, received and heard from me. Well, apologies, my actions may not be pleasing to the Father. I must work on that. Which, as I continue to read this portion of scripture is WHY I don’t have peace.

At the start of the year, I told myself that I was going to just be content ~ in ALL thing. It lasted about one day. I am brooding and moody. My sleep is disturbed. My appetite is off and my world, my sphere of influence is being affected by it.
Don’t misunderstand, I have reason to be those things and yet I know I cannot stay here, in this funk.

My head hurts. My gut is in knots. I want to pour my guts out to you here, in this forum, but I won’t. It will not help anything.
I am learning to be content whether I am abase or abound.
In all of this my hubby is my rock always, lifting me up, praying over me. I enjoy that he doesn’t pretend to understand, if he does not. I enjoy that he offers words of wisdom when he does. I am blessed in this area.

I must take this one, minute by minute. I am learning to be content. I will, in my baby steps, stumble fall, get up, take some steps, stumble fall, get up, walk a few feet, try to run, stumble, fall, get back up… you get the gist.

I have to cast my care, because most of what’s bothering me, I CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT.
James 1:4 ~ Let endurance have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

In all of this I must remember that the kids are watching me.

We Fall Down by Donnie McClurkin


Kindergeld…. I need some….NOW!!

Kindergeld   – Kinder === child(ren) geld === $$$$

They are giving an increase and making certain that Child Support isn’t being doubly paid to anyone.
Reading the site gave me pause and a thought of moving back to West Germany. I first heard of Kindergeld while stationed there and considering citizenship. I was disenchanted with all things America and my marriage at the time. So it sounded good. They take care of their people in many ways, far better than we privileged Americans do.

I have to stop reading the site. SIGH. They call it a benefit. Americans, unaware of the origin, call it a handout. I remember that there was a sense of pride when speaking of the Geld. While in contrast, Americans are made to feel ashamed about the need for assistance.

isn’t it odd? The use of words? Benefit. Assistance. Handout.

THE NEW DEAL, the first of its kind has been ripped to shreds in the quest for, for, (I haven’t found the correct words).
Herbert Hoover (R)was president when the Crash occurred but felt that the government should not become overly involved in helping individuals dealing with economic troubles. However, this changed with the election of Franklin Roosevelt (D). He worked to create numerous programs through his New Deal to help those affected worst by the Depression. American History/About.com

Does it sound as if I’m rambling? Well, maybe I am. I’m so saddened by the group of people running for President, The Leader of the Free World, that I’m truly trying to make sense of it. I have to vote. It’s my honor and right as an American. I’m just saddened when it appears that other countries take better care of their citizens. I’m done with the entire congress! I also think that I’m verklempt about the Obama’s having to leave the White House. First, allow me to say, I’m not discussing politics, policies, etc. I just enjoy them as a couple, as a family. They’re like that one couple you see all the time and they just make you smile. They have cute kids and no craziness. The only difference is, they live in a sort of fish bowl ~ everyone has an opinion of them.
WOW! Anywho, (I’m off that rabbit trail)
This time around, the entire thing feels like someone died and now every Tom, Dick, and Mary wants to fill the opening. It is distressing! And he who’s name I won’t mention here has never been a favorite of mine. I so want to say, “You’re Fired!” and watch him be tossed out on his bottom. Again, sigh.

Oh, well, I’m not moving to Germany. I’m here in the cradle of the south ~ where slavery has a new facade and second class citizens had better know their place.

p.s. I did not proof read this… I’m far too tired to do so….


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As you can see, I am feeling “some type of way”. SIGH

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Enough all ready! Tell the truth, shame the devil…..

Recently LeVar Burton read one of my favorite bedtime stories at a charity event. The book titled: “Go the F#@K to Sleep” was written by adults for adults. I heard it read first by the great Samuel L. Jackson, I’ve posted the link here.

I was amazed to see that some parents were offended by LeVar’s narration. It was good, not as good as Sam’s. It would seem that those of us who have felt the frustration of trying to get a wee one to bed, are the only ones who appreciate the sentiment of this well written book. There are times when I wish I could just shout the title of this book into the air knowing that the shock of mommy saying the “f” word would shock them to sleep. gggggrrrrrooooaaannnn

There are lots of children in my home. Sleep often eludes them. So on those nights, I and their mothers began the go to sleep chorus, complete with, “Do you want me to come in there?” “Tu quieres un pow pow?” sigh

I think every parent has felt this frustration. So why pretend otherwise? And if you’ve never dealt with it why even comment? I believe in sharing my pain, so the next person won’t feel so abnormal.
I strongly believe that bedtimes are for parents. It is a blessed time of day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, I just need a good night sleep as much or more than they do.

Anywho, enjoy the read for as long as it’s posted on-line…. you know how they do

Chronicle of an ex-Church Girl/Lady

Today is Sunday. I didn’t go to church. I didn’t even sign in to an on-line service and there are a lot of those. I’m looking for a Pastor who is starkly in the middle of Osteen (motivational) and Shambach (no nonsense fire and brimstone). It would seem that the “heavy weights” of Kingdom work have all gone to Rejoice in Paradise. There used to be men and women of God who could speak for about 10 minutes and despense enough spiritual food for an entire week! I remember E V Hill did the eulogy for his wife and I was moved to try to become a better wife.

I miss the WORD, “rightly divided”. There are Sunday morning cheerleaders that truly show every sign that they’ve spent time studying and seeking the LORD’s wisdom, but the yelling just makes me tired and I can’t seem to remember and therefore apply what I’ve learned in practical ministry.
Just let me say that I’ve never been able to follow, or willing remain in the church where the Pastor is a “whooper”, you know those ones who make odd noises and foam at the mouth. SIGH

I’ve been to a few churches here, in my new home. The first had the word delivered in a beautiful teaching way, but the worship was tech-no that could be heard in the next state AND the kids did not like the children’s church. They complained of not being able to hear and it was always cold. No mid week Bible Study here, Life groups were the order of business. I received an email asking for more info about myself so that they could place me in the appropriate Life group … I will always believe that this statement, “I know who I am in Him.” is what prompted this response : “Good luck in your search for a new church home.” end of story. No further emails or responses to mine were sent.
The next one had better worship, but it wasn’t “free”. The whole worship team appeared frightened and I will not comment on the teaching, suffice to say that this is why the Bible tells us to study the word for ourselves. The kids however, LOVED the children’s church and could tell us what they’d learned in the lesson. It was a Wednesday night “Bible” study that sealed the deal for me. I won’t give a blow by blow, but one of the other attendees said this to the Pastor, “I won’t allow you to shake my faith.” end quote

NEXT … sigh …um, a small church body, very new, loved the LORD, worship and the word was good as new church with few members can be. It was family. Movie nights, couples night, etc. Now, at this point I’m not certain if this was great church or a Ritz ( old joke) so I took it slowly, the came the stay within the lines bible study. I sat in the seat and felt the tears come to my eyes… I didn’t go any more. I am NOT a fan of religion.

The last and most recent ~ was referred to in the beginning RAH RAH SIS BOOM BAH! I need a nap.

Quite honestly, I don’t truly care about their title, I’ve sat under great and so-so Pastors and Reverends. I’m looking for the pure undiluted WORD (keep your politics to yourself). There are men and women of God who spoke and are still speaking life into my ministry. I must be still and obedient in my wait for our new church home . . . thanks for hanging in there and reading with me!

Sigh ~ no ministries were maligned in this post.

I hab a cold….. all stuffy and stuff…

I’ll bet you caught that “typo” in the title… it’s my attempt at humor. I am in awe of stand-up comedians. I’ve just found a new one. She is Joanne Roberts. Funny and clean, so she probably doesn’t make the money the “raw” one make but she’s truly funny.


This one is very funny. She calls her husband “Left-Brain”. I am in awe of anyone who can not only get people to laugh, but who can get those people to pay to hear them knowing that they’re gonna laugh.
When my first book came out, everyone that wasn’t my mom, or Editor wanted a free copy of it. DOUBLE SIGH
I’m praying that the next one will generate more $$$$$.

Fingers crossed…. prayers going up….. laugh people Mrs. Joanne is truly funny!