…Learned To Be Content…

Philippians 4:Whatever you have learned and received and heard from me, and seen in me, put these things into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. 10 Now I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned,but you had no opportunity to show it. 11 I am not saying this out of need, for I have learned to be content regardless of my circumstances.

To be honest, my actions of late haven’t been very gracious. My personal Facebook page is littered with my anger and frustration.
It does not escape me that verse 9 tells you to practice what you’ve learned, received and heard from me. Well, apologies, my actions may not be pleasing to the Father. I must work on that. Which, as I continue to read this portion of scripture is WHY I don’t have peace.

At the start of the year, I told myself that I was going to just be content ~ in ALL thing. It lasted about one day. I am brooding and moody. My sleep is disturbed. My appetite is off and my world, my sphere of influence is being affected by it.
Don’t misunderstand, I have reason to be those things and yet I know I cannot stay here, in this funk.

My head hurts. My gut is in knots. I want to pour my guts out to you here, in this forum, but I won’t. It will not help anything.
I am learning to be content whether I am abase or abound.
In all of this my hubby is my rock always, lifting me up, praying over me. I enjoy that he doesn’t pretend to understand, if he does not. I enjoy that he offers words of wisdom when he does. I am blessed in this area.

I must take this one, minute by minute. I am learning to be content. I will, in my baby steps, stumble fall, get up, take some steps, stumble fall, get up, walk a few feet, try to run, stumble, fall, get back up… you get the gist.

I have to cast my care, because most of what’s bothering me, I CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT.
James 1:4 ~ Let endurance have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

In all of this I must remember that the kids are watching me.

We Fall Down by Donnie McClurkin



Simple Definition of promise

Popularity: Top 10% of words
  • : a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future

  • : an indication of future success or improvement

  • : a reason to expect that something will happen in the future

An eternally binding act of hooking pinky fingers together in an attempt to seal the deal of a promise that has been made.
Facebook 2016 is proving to be just as “simple” as its always been. I’ve seen posts that cause me laughter. I have even shared those with my friends.
It’s my goal to not spend so much time on Facebook, but I’m not certain that that goal will be attainable for me, because I’m truly not making much effort to stay off of it.There are other posts… preachy ones…(groan); political ones…. very often from friends I like who don’t seem to share my point of view about anything Barack Obama… who in my opinion has been a very good example of leadership. Again, I am entitled to MY opinion. I am subscribed to his twitter feed(I hope it continues after he leaves office)
There are other posts, ones that have prompted this blog. It has to do with the entire idea of promises.
Three of my adult Facebook friends received “Promise Rings”. The relationships are more than a year long. I’ve stared at the posts and then I asked myself, “Why would a man, over the age of 21, give his girlfriend a promise ring? I believe all three relationships are sexual… no judgement… just a belief. (We’re just going to lay here with our clothes on.., which is as silly as “I’m just gonna put the head in…”)
Then I realized that I was a little angry. All three are strong beautiful women, so why would a promise ring be enough to cause them to post it to social media?
In truth, one other woman received a ring for Christmas… she didn’t post it, but showed it to me, with the comments…”He gave me a ring. Jewelry is always nice!” So I asked, “Is it a promise ring?” She shot me a look…”Girl please… what is he promising? Not to piss me off?” We both giggled.
I suppose my anger is because I believe that the other three relationships are all wrong… (don’t even get me started) BUT, neither of them asked my opinion on their relationships. I’m just venting in hopes that someone, somewhere, would grasp what I’m saying…. if after 12 months, 365 days, he isn’t certain he can go all of the way… drop him. Unless that’s all you want. I believe a promise ring states that he’s happy with the way things are, he’s just making a small deposit to keep the “account/legs” open.
I know that the Millionaire Matchmaker says, “No sex, without monogamy.”BUT, I believe that true monogamy only comes with true commitment. BUT then, it’s just my opinion. If you like it, I love it! (er, not truthfully)
I’m trying to raise my daughter/granddaughters with a sense of self worth that would cause them to respect themselves. I want them to believe that sex before marriage is cheating on their eternal husband.

I wish someone had taken the time to tell me just how much sex affects the psyche. (the human soul, mind,and/or spirit).

I don’t know, I believe that a pinky swear would have been a better.